Customer Comments
Customer Comments

My name is Whitney , and we had our first ever Party Tots experience today. We were somewhat familiar with the activities format having participated in Soccer Tots when my son was younger. And, today, we celebrated my son turning 4.

I have to tell you what an AMAZING job Coach Kyndra did for our party. Seriously-she was so fantastic that we haven't even finished unloading the presents from the car and I feel compelled to write. She was energetic, developmentally appropriate with the kids, and an expert at keeping them all on task. She was friendly, patient, positive toward the kiddos and extremely helpful. She made our party a HUGE success!

Oftentimes people only go the extra step to write/call when there is a complaint....however, Kyndra did such an excellent job, she deserves the recognition!

Thanks again for a wonderful birthday celebration!


"My Son Matthew gets up every morning asking if today is SoccerTots Day! He is so disappointed when we don't have SoccerTots! We definitely want to sign him up again as it makes him so happy."

Mary L.

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let both Coach Luis and the Soccer Tots program know how much I appreciate them and their program. My son attended Soccer Tots for almost 2 years starting at age 3. The coach was incredible with the kids and displayed a high degree of patience. The games they played in the program give kids a very good understanding of the basic skills. My son is in the middle of his first season of U5 city league soccer since leaving the Soccer Tots program and, I believe due to his early exposure to the game and skills of soccer in your classes, have attributed to his success. In his first game, he scored 8 goals and usually averages 6 per game. He truly understands how to play the game and has learned solid fundamentals and I think Soccer Tots was a key to giving him an advantage in his current group. I have already recommended several people who have an interest in soccer for their children to this program and I believe two have signed on. They too think it's an outstanding program. I will continue to recommend it. Thanks again for a great program and tell Coach Luis his influence and coaching are extremely effective and very much appreciated.

Proud Parent

“Johnny LOVES SoccerTots! He would go everyday if he could. We feel like Johnny is always challenged and learning great foundation skills to build on. Thanks for the GREAT

Amanda Martin

"The coaches are wonderful when they work with the children and very patient with each child. They understand that the younger children are not able to follow instructions as well or as quickly as older children. My daughter loves this class and asks about it all week until it is time to go back! Great program!"


"Jordan really enjoys SoccerTots. He loves to go and run about with the other children. It has improved his listening skills and I am just amazed on how well he can dribble the ball now. When he starts PreK next year and joins a soccer team, I can see that he will be confident in the skills that he has learned in SoccerTots. Our Coach is very patient with the children and has a great time. Jordan insisted for us to sign him up for the spring session. He is in swimming and other sports classes at the gym and I thought it may have been too much. But he really said he wanted to sign up again for SoccerTots and he is one to be truthful at age 3.5 years old. I am happy that I found a class like this one."

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