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Is SoccerTots a team or a class?
SoccerTots & SoccerTouch is a youth sports development program that offers soccer classes for children and kids 18mos - 12yrs. We are not a soccer team but we do form teams for our mini-soccer leagues.

Can I choose whether to sign up for 8 weeks or 12 weeks?
Most of Our sessions are 12 weeks and you can join at anytime during a session at a pro-rated price. You cannot join at the beginning of a session and only pay for 8 classes unless it is an 8 week session.

The schedule shows classes on 3 different days, so do I need to go all 3 days?
You pick the one day and time that is best for you and that is the one class you go to each week.

What does it mean on the schedule page "All class times are not actual class"?
We rent space at all the facilities so we can run our program. The times you see offered are times we are trying to get classes running. We need at least 4 kids to start a class, so as long as 4 sign up for the same class we will start it. New classes get started throughout the session as we get new registrations in each week.

I don't see any class times that work for me, are these my only options?
We would be happy to start a new class time for you as long as you have at least 4 or 5 kids that can commit, so please contact our office. Also, we may already have a couple of kids for the class and just waiting for you to register. We also recommend looking at other facilities in your area as each facility has a different schedule.

What do I need to bring to class each week?
We provide all equipment needed for the class including soccer balls. We recommend bringing something to drink as not all facilities have water fountains.

Do I need to buy shin guards and soccer cleats?
Soccer cleats are not recommended as our classes are always held indoors either on turf fields or gym floors. Shin guards can be worn for ages 4.5 and up but are not required.

How long are the classes?
All SoccerTots classes run for 50 minutes.

My child will turn 3yrs old in the middle of the session, so can I just sign him/her up for a 3yr old class instead of the 2.5yr old class?
If you are new to the program we recommend doing the class that fits your child's age at the time you join. The coach can access the ability of the child once the session begins and recommend a higher level class(age group) and you are allowed to move up or down depending on the situation. This applies for all ages and classes.

What happens if we pay for the full session and after 3 weeks my child does not want to go anymore?
Please refer to our Refund Policy under the General Policies.

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